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The Healthier Together Support Network is pleased to announce that it has secured funding until March 2024 to deliver two key projects for health and social care staff


Following the successful workshop and webinar program delivered by the HTSN between 2021 and 2023, we are delighted to confirm we are re-establishing a small programme focussing on Burn Out and Moral Distress for managers and staff working in primary and social care. These workshops aim to increase awareness of how moral distress can occur within these settings, the impact of this and other factors on burn out rates at all levels of these organisations and ways to try and address this within teams. There are also workshops available specifically for managers to discuss compassionate leadership approaches to support their staff during these times of great pressure and stress upon our primary care and social care systems.

Long Covid Support Group

To support Health and Social Care workers with a diagnosis of Long COVID, the Healthier Together Support Network (HTSN) are offering a group intervention programme involving a series of eight interactive sessions. The programme is designed to support psychological adjustment and self-management of Long COVID. The group encourages active participation and provides a space for facilitated peer-support.

This HTSN offer is currently at full capacity, however if you would like to enquire for how this offer may help your service in future and would like more information, please contact

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The Healthier Together Support Network is made up of a variety of skilled and caring psychologists, doctors and assitants trained in health and social care and ready to engage with you and help…

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