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We have collected some of the most useful advice on common themes affecting staff, including help dealing with specific issues affecting our health and wellbeing. This list of themes will grow as our Support Network becomes established and we learn what people would find most helpful. Please take time to read or watch these resources. They may help you.

Mental Health Common Themes

Low Mood

Moral Distress

Within the health and social care sector, we place huge emphasis on doing our job well and doing the right thing.


As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the pressures and demands placed upon those working in the health and social care…

Loneliness and Isolation

Government Guidelines, although imposed to keep us safe, have significantly restricted our contact with family and friends.

Stress and anxiety

Levels of anxiety have sharply increased during the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly for those of us working on the frontline…


The Healthier Together Support Network can offer advice and support to help you manage bereavement or refer you to local…

Physical Health Common Themes

Support to Stop Smoking

Access a local stop smoking service provided by the NHS to help quit.

Physical Activity

Free support options are available to people seeking to increase their physical activity.

Healthy Weight

Free support options are available to people seeking professional weight management.

Menopause Guidance

We highlight some useful resources to support menopause.

Money advice

Money worries can be a major cause of stress and lost sleep which can impact daily life.

Looking for
Something specific?

Unfortunately we are not a 24-hour service.
Outside of office hours you can contact Care First for free
counselling support by phone on 01452 673199,
or by visiting their website: